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"As a first time homeschooler, talking with and learning from Annie was incredibly helpful in starting this journey with my two sons, age 7 and 11. Her support, encouragement and practical advice were invaluable in building my confidence as a homeschooling parent. Annie is down to earth, has a wealth of experience and most importantly, an obvious love of homeschooling. Time with her is time well spent!"  -Andrea S.

"My first meeting with Annie represents a perfect example of her encouraging heart and supporting me right where I was in my ever-changing life events. My family moved from out of state to Minnesota. Starting over with 3 elementary homeschool kids, relocation was a little overwhelming. We did not know a single person in the entire state. If we were going to find a community, I had work to do. I was given Annie‘s email as a key resource within the first few months of arriving. I reached out and she agreed to meet us at a local park. Annie patiently listened to my nervous chatter about how to get around town, how to meet people, homeschool co-op‘s and general adjustments to a new place. The biggest challenge I shared with her that day was social connections, homeschool and church. I could feel her heartfelt listening when she offered guidance, and provided options, not a rigid…”you must do this to be successful”. Simply chatting and sharing, her advice felt good. By the end of our visit, we were laughing like we had been friends our entire life. 

Reflecting on Annie’s desire for improvement and development, she understands people with a calming demeanor and easily provides insights into areas of personal growth. She is a great resource to have working for you!"  -Becky G. 

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