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 About Me


Bachelor's degree in elementary education with a middle school endorsement in math and science.

Hold a current teaching license in MN

Public school teacher for 6 years (3 years of middle school math and 3 years of 5th grade)

Homeschooling for 12 years

Started and direct a homeschool co-op in its 9th year that meets 2 times per month with 50 families.




Sensory issues

Working with occupational therapy or other outside services

Some knowledge of dyslexia, as it relates to ADHD and dysgraphia

Raising boys

Mental health

Healthy living

Community and avoiding the isolation of homeschooling

Organization (and finding a method that works for you)

Leading a group (small group, Bible study, book study, co-op)

Starting a co-op

Missions work

Living on a budget


Twice exceptional (2e) learners

Reading (read alouds and choosing good books for your kids)

Board games (how to include them in your day and what they teach)

Choosing curriculum

Learning styles


My husband and I want our kids to have an education that points them to Jesus.  

We desire for our kids to grow up to love learning.

We want each child to understand how God made them special--to know their strengths and weaknesses, to develop an understanding of what they are good at that might become a career, and to appreciate others’ differences.

Our children should be successful students who learn in the way that is best for them (not a one-size-fits-all mold).

We should train our kids to have the necessary skills, knowledge, and experiences that will prepare them to be thriving adults.


My approach to homeschool coaching is to listen, ask questions, and to listen some more. What has worked for my family may not work for yours. Your needs for your family are your own. I can’t help you solve problems or set goals until I know what you are looking for in your family’s priorities and plans.

I also desire to meet you where you are at. I have experience in various stages of parenting and homeschooling. I can guide new families to a level of clarity and confidence in this new journey, I can walk alongside and encourage families in the midst of the journey or in facing new challenges, and I can support leaders in homeschooling or co-ops who need a listening ear or mentor support. 


My husband, Dan, and I have been married for 19 years. We have three boys, ranging in age from 9-years-old to 17-years-old. Dan works for a non-profit as an area director in a faith-based mentoring program.


I have chosen Jesus as my Lord and Savior and seek to follow Him.  Dan and I strive to create a home and environment where our kids can come to know Jesus personally. As a family, we do our best to keep God at the center, and we are connected in a local church.

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