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Save Time and Money with a Homeschool Consultation

Do you find your mind circling through the same thoughts and issues? Do you ever feel like you don't have the brain space to step into the next task or season? Do you find yourself stuck in just making a decision? Do you hop online to do some research for homeschooling and you either end up spending hours following a rabbit trail or you end up on facebook scrolling the feed?

Save yourself some time with a homeschool coach. Picture that afternoon you spend with a friend or that hour you spend in intentional conversation where you walk away refreshed, refueled, on mission, and ready for the next day. That's what a homeschool consultation can do for you. Eliminate the wasted time, thoughts, and energy, and have some purposeful help in setting goals, planning your next steps, and working through challenges. Walk away with a plan and the encouragement to carry it through.

Secondly, we homeschoolers are great at spending money on our kids, but maybe a little money on a homeschool consult could have large dividends on our homeschool, our kids, and the atmosphere in our homes. Instead of plugging our kids into more activities to keep them busy, build skills, develop character, or other reasons that might all be good, what if we invest in a mom who can have the confidence and encouragement needed to build that strong foundation at home?

Lastly, don't we all spend too much on curriculum, including that curriculum that we never even use? A homeschool consult can help you really focus on your lifestyle, goals, individual kids' needs and learning styles in order to be wise in choosing curriculum that fits for your family. You'll likely save money in the long run through not over purchasing and possibly even being able to buy used curriculum at a significantly reduced price.

Let me help you get on track to creating a solid foundation at home by helping you, as a parent, to have the strength, knowledge, confidence, and encouragement you need to continue to step into each day that God's giving you to build into your kids. Contact me for a homeschool consultation today.

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